Aquaculture is a lot of things: a branch of agriculture, a technological approach to helping solve the world’s food problems, part of the solution to the problem of global overfishing. Information about the scientific and technical aspects of aquaculture is abundant — but actionable business intelligence is hard to find:  What are the opportunities? Who is making money at it? Who is not? Why or why not? Is a focus on health, safety, and sustainability compatible with a strong bottom line?

This is where Aquaculture Means Business comes in.

My name is Jeff Dunsavage.  A business-to-business media and communications professional with a passion for sustainability in business, I bring together people, ideas, and resources in support of the sustainable (in both senses of the word) and profitable growth of the global aquaculture industry.

In addition to my blog, you can follow me on LinkedIn, where I manage the Aquaculture Means Business group, and on Twitter (@Aquaculturebiz). If you have an aquaculture-related project or are looking for opportunities to get involved in this growing and increasingly essential industry drop me a detailed e-mail         ( and we can discuss options.


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